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Beating hunger so that every stomach is full.

Hunger in America

Hunger among Americans is real. According to USDA, 13% or 44.2 million people in the United States, including 13 million children, are battling hunger and feeling food insecure as of 2022. (USDA)

With a vision to make America hunger free, the Humanity First USA Food Security program seeks to reduce hunger and food waste, provide food to our communities and raise awareness.

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By fasting for over 12 hours a day in this month of Ramadan, Muslims experience firsthand the hunger so many food insecure people live with on a daily basis. But while they may enjoy their favorite foods after breaking their fast in the evening, millions do not have the luxury of even one full meal a day.

We urge everyone who receives this message to donate at least the value of one meal while you fast to fill a hungry stomach. Supporters from any faith can experience a day of fasting or skip a meal and donate the cost of that meal to feed children, parents, and elders who are suffering because of hunger in America.

This campaign will support Humanity First USA’s 8 food pantries across the USA and many of our HFUSA international partner food programs.

Humanity First Beat Hunger Day 2024

Local leaders dedicate any day this month as Humanity First Beat Hunger Day 2024. 




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How to Help

Take a moment to support Food Security across America

Make a one-time donation to support families or if it is easier a monthly recurring donation to help beat hunger.

MAKE YOUR TEAM: Peer-to-peer fundraising is the best way to create awareness of the work we do, take a moment and fundraise to stock and build pantries.


Donate $10 a month or $120 one time

DONATE A LUNCH ALL WEEK: Feed a family for a week.

Donate $10/moDonate $120

Donate $35 a month or $ 420

Monthly Food Provisions (Sadqa): Feed a family for a month.

Donate $35/moDonate $420

Donate $50 a month or $600

Feed America: towards feeding the hungry across America

Donate $50/moDonate $600
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Fundraise $10,000

Fundraise for Food Security 

Fundraise $1000

Fundraise $50,000

Fundraise for Food Security 

Fundraise $2500

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