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Who is HF Healthcare

Our goal is to deliver effective and affordable healthcare to the underserved anywhere in the world. We do this with dignity and excellence, primarily focusing on preventive care. We are supported by hundreds of volunteers and donors to build and manage healthcare facilities for communities in desperate need of such care.

HF Healthcare Services provides robust, state-of-the-art healthcare facilities. Founded in 2017, HF Healthcare Services is a low-profit corporation created to facilitate Humanity First USA and Humanity First International to build healthcare facilities worldwide. It encompasses the planning, construction, and management of healthcare facilities within communities in need of access to high-quality medical centers.

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Nasir Hospital is committed to helping those in need. Through the Nasir Hospital Care Fund, thousands of patients have benefited from heavily discounted medical care and surgical procedures.

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After providing exceptional service for over four years, we need to expand the Nasir Hospital facilities to serve all patients. Phase 1 will increase bed capacity and build a State-of-the-Art Diagnostic Center.

Expand Healthcare in Guatemala

Stories from the Field

Spotlight on Nasir Hospital

In November 2022, HFUSA and HF Healthcare Services unveiled a five-year Nasir Hospital Sustainable Healthcare Initiative covering five major areas of growth and impact:

  • State of the Art Diagnostic Center
  • Mobile Health Clinics
  • Increased Patient Capacity
  • Global Healthcare Access
  • Data & Research Center

Nasir Hospital strengthens and expands Humanity First USA’s vision to establish sustainable healthcare facilities for communities in need. Nasir Hospital provides access to consistent, affordable, and high-quality healthcare to people in Guatemala and across Central and North America.

The hospital offers over 20 medical services and specialties including labor & delivery, 24/7 emergency care, diagnostics, and general surgery. These specialties, a surgical zone, 25 in-patient beds, and a maternal ward are staffed by over 90 local physicians, nurses, and other personnel. Since its 2018 inauguration, Nasir Hospital has served nearly 60,000 patients – 11,000 with financial need – and performed over 1,100 surgeries from cataract removal to kidney transplants.


Majid Khan

President & CEO, HF Healthcare Services

Mr. Khan is a global expert in designing, building, and managing international hospitals, including Tahir Heart Institute, a premier medical tourism destination in Pakistan. His extensive construction experience spans healthcare, hospitality, and education, and he has built medical facilities, schools, and hotels. He is an expert in the ‘Hospitel’ concept, bringing together hospitality and healthcare as guiding principles for hospital architecture, design, development. Mr. Khan’s experience spans four continents, 21 years with nonprofits, and 38 years of entrepreneurship.

Dr. Elena Gabriela Mota Magaña

Nasir Hospital Director

Dr. Mota Magaña is a physician of internal medicine and a surgeon. She is a practicing internist at Nasir Hospital while also leading its administration. Dr. Mota Mogaña is a graduate in Internal Medicine of the University of San Carlos de Guatemala and is pursuing both a Master in Strategic Management specialized in Health Organizations, exp 2023, and in Hospital Administration exp. 2024. She is an advisor to the Continuing Medical Education Committee of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Guatemala and has represented Guatemala in regional Central American medical convenings.

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