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Working to restore and maintain people’s eyesight.

Caring for Humanity for a quarter of a century


Worldwide, nearly a billion people suffer from preventable or correctable vision impairments. Imagine not being able to see just because you can’t get eyeglasses. Or that you could lose your vision because you can’t get routine cataract surgery. That’s the case for millions of people.

That led Humanity First to start the Gift of Sight program, which works to restore and maintain people’s eyesight. Eye care missions go to remote areas to provide screening and prescription glasses; free cataract surgical missions restore eyesight to those who might otherwise go blind; and ophthalmology clinics provide stable eye care in places where it otherwise wouldn’t be available.


Patients Seen


Cataract Surgeries


Countries served in

How We Work

Cataract Surgeries

Cataracts are one of the top causes of vision loss. Doctors remove cataracts, and rare tumors. Our Gift of Sight surgical camps guide patients through surgical prep, procedure, and recovery.

Eyecare Screenings

Basic eye care is important for healthy vision. We screen patients for common eye conditions, provide treatment plans, and dispense medication.

Traveling Missions

We bring doctors to where patients need them. We help local physicians in the Americas and Africa host eye clinics in places without major medical centers. Teams of U.S. eye care professionals travel abroad with Humanity First to increase local capacity for preserving and saving vision.

Where We Work

How to help

Working to restore and maintain people’s eyesight.

Make a one-time donation to support families or if it is easier a monthly recurring donation as a gift of sight.

Peer-to-peer fundraising is the best way to create awareness of the work we do, click the fundraise tab and start a fundraiser for gift of sight surgeries and missions.


Donate $10 a month or $120

Eye Surgery: for free cataract surgery by local doctor

Donate $10/mo
Donate $120

Donate $20 a month or $240

Two Surgeries: Donate towards two cataract surgeries

Donate $50/mo
Donate $600


Towards a locally staffed Gift of Sight mission

Fundraise $1500
A close up image of a woman's face. She has small bandages on her forehead above her eyes.

Fundraise $2500

Towards a locally staffed Gift of Sight mission

Fundraise $2500

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