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Humanity First USA strives to maximize the impact of every gifted dollar. Approximately 90% of donations received go directly toward projects that serve the vulnerable in the USA and around the world.

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Benefits of joining HFweCare

In a world where community needs grow and evolve, recurring donations offer a stable foundation upon which non-profits like us can build meaningful, lasting change. Whether you support education, healthcare, food security, or disaster relief, the power of your recurring donation is how it helps us create a sustainable future for the initiatives you believe in.

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Sustainable Impact: Recurring donations ensure a steady and reliable funding source for the HFUSA programs you care about. This consistency allows us to plan and execute long-term projects, knowing they have dependable financial support each month.

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Convenience and Ease: Making recurring donations is a hassle-free way to support Humanity First USA. Once it’s set up, you don’t need to remember to make individual contributions. Just allow your donation to continue making a long-term impact.

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Community Building: HFweCare is a community of recurring donors who have trusted us with their monthly giving. In turn, we recognize them by making sure they remain continuously connected through our weekly newsletters, special events, and updates on new projects.

Become a Monthly Donor

You can choose to either support Humanity First USA as a whole or select a particular program to direct your donation toward.


allocate funds where they are most needed



to provide food and water to families facing disaster



for a year funds a cataract eye surgery



towards feeding the hungry across America



will help keep a child or adult in school



towards education for an orphan



for maternal health and safe delivery



refurbish a hand pump for clean water


People served since 2004


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Stories from the community changing lives

The recurring donor’s dedication serves as an inspiration to others, encouraging more individuals to join our cause and make a difference. These are some messages from our donors.

“What a beautiful mission! Restoring one’s eyesight is a precious gift indeed...”

John and Kathy Stoner

“This is for Hawaii relief. Thank you for the incredible work!”

Samia Armah

“Thank you for your hard work, compassion, and support of the community of Lahaina!”

Lindsay Knoblauch

About HFweCare

HFweCare is the warm sentiment that envelops us when we receive continuous support from our donors month after month.

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