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Offering loving care to vulnerable orphaned children.


Children who are orphaned have experienced immense tragedy at a young age.

Humanity First USA provides them with the foundation for a secure future. At our orphanages, we not only provide food, clothing, and shelter, but also quality healthcare, access to education, and a stable, loving home.

We can’t change the past. But by caring for orphans now, we can change their futures.

Support for Orphans

Humanity First USA cares directly for orphans in Indonesia and supports the wellbeing of orphaned or neglected children in Guatemala.

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Panti Asuhan Hasanah Kautsar, Orphanage Indonesia

According to UNICEF, 25,000 children were orphaned in Indonesia just during the pandemic alone.

Humanity First USA is now partnered with HF Indonesia, HF Canada, and HF Germany to support the Hasanah Kautsar Orphanage. We significantly renovated the orphanage this summer from floor to ceiling, and the facility has room for learning, recreation, living quarters, and a kitchen.

We are providing for the children’s living, education, and medical needs. Outside of academics, the children are introduced to sports like basketball, have resources to practice their faith, learn life skills and chores, and enjoy celebrations of national or local holidays.

Small children walk with a women toward a playground set in the background of the image. Two of the children hold the woman's hands, a third holds the hand of another child, and the fourth walks alongside them.

Nasir Hospital Partnership with Orphanage

In Guatemala, Hogar Luz de Maria cares for over 40 orphans—many of them coming from abusive homes. Founded by a mother-daughter duo, in 2019 the orphanage approached Nasir Hospital to propose a partnership.

Now, Nasir Hospital provides high-quality, loving, medical care. 

Many of these children are malnourished, have weak immune systems, and experience frequent respiratory infections. When they come to Nasir Hospital, they receive life-sustaining and loving care. Take one four-year-old girl who came to us through Hogar Luz de Maria in 2020. Neglected by her parents and malnourished, she was initially afraid of doctors (and needles). But as she came back for tests and treatments, her fear evaporated—because of the loving care she received at Nasir Hospital.

Where We Work

How to Help

Offering loving care to vulnerable orphaned children.

Make a one-time donation to support families or if it is easier a monthly recurring donation for Orphan Care.

Peer-to-peer fundraising is the best way to create awareness of the work we do, click the fundraise tab and start a fundraiser to help provide education, food or complete expenses for a year.

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$30 a month or $360

Education for an orphan for a year

Donate $30/moDonate $360
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$40 a month or $480

Food for an orphan for a Year

Donate $40/moDonate $480
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$250 a Month or $3000

All expenses for an orphan for a year

Donate $250/moDonate $3000
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Fundraise $1000

Raise funds for the Indonesia Orphange

Fundraise $1000
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Fundraise $1500

Raise funds for the orphans getting care at Nasir Hospital

Fundraise $1500

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