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Education builds a better future.

Caring for Humanity for a quarter of a century


Education is a right, but 258 million young people aren’t attending school, according to UNESCO. And two-thirds of illiterate adults are women. If current trends continue, by 2030, almost a billion young people will not have the skills they need to work and build lives for themselves.

Education enables us to turn our natural curiosity into the foundation of a better future. Humanity First USA’s schools and vocational centers create high-quality educational opportunities for children and adults that helps fulfill this promise for themselves, their families, and their communities. 

In our most ambitious project yet, we aim to educate over 15,000 students each year by establishing 25 more schools by 2025.


Children Educated


Vocational Skills Gained


Schools & Skill Centers

Education for All

Everyone has the right to an education. We aim to eliminate disparities in education and create equal educational opportunities for children and adults.

Humanity First Schools

The Knowledge for Life program builds new schools, upgrades existing ones, and furnishes computer labs. Our highly-ranked schools are safe and inclusive environments for all children. And Humanity First is committed to building schools in areas where there are none. In fact, our most recent schools in Liberia and Mali are the only ones in the area that are within several hours’ journey.

The outside of a school building with a sign saying Humanity First Ecole Primaire Privee Banfora

Humanity First Skilling Centers

Beyond primary school education, Humanity First also trains people to embark on a wide variety of careers through our vocational centers. Students build skills for careers that are in demand where they live, like sewing & tailoring, IT, catering, electrical work, or driving. Over 1,000 people have graduated from vocational courses in Mali, Liberia, Burkina Faso, and Guyana.

Women wearing pink cotton tops each focus on tailoring cloth at a sewing machine in a classroom

The Education Project

At home in the United States, The Education Project (TEP) emerged from the COVID-19 pandemic to provide one-on-one tutoring for students who need extra support. Students from the Humanity First Student Division launched TEP in response to school closures and lost learning. Since 2020, students have received over 50,000 hours of tutoring.

The Education Project by Humanity First USA logo

Where We Work

How to help

Education build a better future.

Make a one-time donation to support families or if it is easier a monthly recurring donation for the education of adults and children across the globe.

Peer-to-peer fundraising is the best way to create awareness of the work we do, click the fundraise tab and start a fundraiser to help fund and build schools and vocational centers.


Donate $15 a month or $180

Women’s Vocational Skills: Buy a Sewing Machine

Donate $15/moDonate $180

Donate $25 a month or $300

Child Yearly Education: Sponsor a Child’s Education

Donate $20/moDonate $240

Donate $25 a month or $300

Vocational Skills: Sponsor a Youth’s Vocational Training

Donate $25/moDonate $300

Fundraise $5,000

Yearly Education: Sponsor a Classroom

Fundraise $5,000
A classroom with a blackboard stretching the length of one wall and two dozen wooden desks with attached benches.

Fundraise $20,000

Building a Classroom: to build a classroom + 1 year operations

Fundraise $20,000

Fundraise $60,000

Three-Classroom School: build a three-classroom complete School.

Fundraise $60,000

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