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Humanity First
Student Division

Who is the Humanity First Student Division?

The Humanity First Student Division (HFSD) is the official student auxiliary of Humanity First USA. We are a platform to provide students the opportunities to work with communities and individuals affected by natural disasters, poverty, and other challenges.

HFSD aims to provide students with invaluable skills and experiences to develop into tomorrow’s leaders. We provide social and professional development, skills enhancement programs, and recognition for their services implemented through our local university and school chapters located across the nation.

Students Serving Humanity

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Students Serving Humanity

The staple of the Student Division are the Humanity First Student Organizations (HFSOs). HFSOs are student-led campus organizations registered in high schools, universities, and graduate schools across the nation. New school teams can join anytime!

HFSOs organize on their campuses and serve locally and abroad in underserved communities. We raise awareness, raise funds, and collaborate with other organizations for direct service. HFSOs have cared for people experiencing homelessness, older adults, refugees, students who need academic support, and countless others in local communities. Students grow their understanding of complex social issues and build leadership skills to make a difference.

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National Student Leadership Summit

The Summit brings the leaders of Humanity First Student Organizations together each summer. We build service skills and support each other’s leadership growth. Student leaders learn effective membership engagement strategies, financial and event management skills, fundraising know-how, and best practices for partnership.

Participants stretch their understanding of social entrepreneurship, mentorship, and community preparedness. A facilitated ideation and pitch workshop encourages social problem-solving and creativity. Experienced students share their learnings with newer leaders. And, because Humanity First USA has a strong history in disaster relief, student leaders learn basic disaster response techniques from experienced responders to test their interest in this field and be better prepared in an emergency setting.

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The Education Project (TEP)

The Education Project (TEP) connects K-12 students with 1:1 tutoring. Students from the HFSD launched this project in response to school closures and lost learning during the COVID-19 pandemic. HFSD continues to connect interested high school and post-secondary students with TEP to volunteer as tutors.

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Gift of Health

Since 2010, Humanity First USA and the Human First Student Division have collaborated on learning exchange opportunities for U.S. students. Students work with our Global Health team to plan a trip, fundraise for their travel, and join U.S. and local medical professionals serving patients at rotating clinics in underserved communities. Recent exchanges to Guyana and Guatemala have allowed pre-med and medical students to explore their chosen field. Students work hands-on in patient care (registration, vitals, scribing, pharmacy) and shadow doctors to observe quality care in low-resource settings.

Join us!

Join or launch a Humanity First Student Organization today! An HFSD Outreach Coordinator will help you get started to serve humanity.

Learn more

Humanity First Student Organizations

Humanity First Students Organizations include high schools, colleges, universities, and graduate schools across the country. If you don’t see your school on the map, you can start the next HFSO!


Musa Lughmani

Musa Lughmani serves as Executive Director of the Humanity First Student Division while he is also a full time medical student, researcher, and Community Care Clinic volunteer at the University of Toledo College of Medicine. He has worked with Humanity First alongside his family for years, and takes every opportunity to enrich his studies with humanitarian work, clinical research, and other volunteer opportunities to grow as a student and future physician. Musa also supports the HFUSA Doctors4Humanity initiative, HFUSA student medical missions, and disaster relief efforts.

Naila Humayun

Naila is the HFUSA Liaison to HFSD and Director Knowledge for Life USA Programs. She has over 20 years of nonprofit volunteer experience, particularly in education. She began volunteering in shelters and schools and then supported the Parent-Teacher Association as her two children went through school. Naila began supporting the nascent Humanity First Student Division in 2009 to form its structure and to mentor new Student Organizations at each school. She is inspired by the passion, resourcefulness, and creativity of HF youth, and is committed to helping all students served by the Knowledge for Life program to reach their full potential.

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