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Ready to respond in times of crisis and disaster.

Humanity First USA is aiding HF Tanzania to mobilize relief like food, water, and blankets. With your support, HF is always ready to respond to crisis and disaster wherever help is needed.


Conflict and natural disasters can suddenly devastate families and communities without warning, leading to displacement, poverty, and illness. In 2022, the United States experienced the most natural disasters of any country.

Humanity First works with local governments and other agencies to quickly offer humanitarian relief to help restore communities. And because Humanity First also works on longer-term projects, we already have a robust network of volunteers on the ground. That means that when a disaster strikes, Humanity First can call on that network to quickly mobilize resources to where they are most needed. And later, those same people are on hand to support the work of rebuilding.


People served


Disasters Responses


Meals Served in Turkiye with HF Global

Disaster Relief Efforts

Since our founding in 2004, Humanity First USA has responded to disasters near and far, big and small. The Humanity First Disaster Relief team is part of the United Nations-World Health Organization EMT (Emergency Medical Team) Initiative. In fact, our EMT has been invited by the WHO to respond to major disasters around the world.

See more about the impact that Humanity First USA has during times of disaster with your support.

tanzania floods 2024


Two Humanity First volunteers with blue vests stand in a space in front of two-story building with open air hallways and railings. In the space are makeshift tents and people standing or walking through.


October 15, 2023


Copy of WhatsApp Image 2023 09 20 at 16.23.26

Morocco Earthquake

September 8, 2023
photo 9 2023 09 05 18 46 39

Maui Fires

August 8, 2023

Typhoon Mawar

May 24, 2023
A man wearing a baseball cap backwards and a blue Humanity First vest over a white t-shirt hands a snack bar to a young boy wearing a Spider Man shirt

Türkiye Earthquake

February 6, 2023
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Hurricane Ian

September 28, 2022

Hurricane Fiona

September 18, 2022
WhatsApp Image 2022 09 01 at 11.25.22 AM(5)

Pakistan Floods

June 15, 2022
DR Nigeria flooding 2022 bags with HF Nigeria label

Nigeria Flooding

June 1, 2022
WhatsApp Image 2022 05 03 at 10.06.58 PM (5)

Ukraine Conflict

February 24, 2022

WHO Emergency Medical Team

The Humanity First Disaster Relief Team is a certified EMT under the UN WHO EMT initiative. Only certified teams can respond to disasters and medical emergencies around the world. Qualified EMTs must receive a direct invitation both through the WHO and the host nation’s Ministry of Health.

This certification process ensures that members of the EMT are fully trained in providing emergency care. EMTs must be fully equipped, self-sufficient, and able to deploy within 24 hours of being invited by the WHO and the Ministry of Health. Upon arrival, EMTs must be ready to serve in low-resource settings without any reliance or assistance from the host nation, while also collaborating with international and government agencies.

Humanity First is proud to maintain the high standards that are expected of the UN WHO EMT initiative.

DR Training 1

Disaster Response Medical Training

Humanity First provides teaching and training to its team of doctors, nurses, paramedics, and logistics staff to help them understand disaster response management.

For example, our Disaster Response Course teaches our members and aspiring new members how to provide emergency medical and surgical assistance during a disaster with minimal resources. Training covers public health, logistics, medical management, adult and pediatric life support, trauma resuscitation, and media training.

Where We Work


Humanity First has positively impacted millions of lives, and the inspiring stories of those who have been helped continue to spread hope and compassion.


How to Help

So we are ready to respond in times of crisis and disaster.

Make a one-time donation to support families or if it is easier a monthly recurring donation will help families struggling during natural disasters and war.

Peer-to-peer fundraising is the best way to create awareness of the work we do, click the fundraise tab and start a fundraiser for our current appeal or disaster relief support. 

disaster relief humanity first how to help 1

Donate $10 a month or $120

Food Security: To feed a family in distress.

Donate $10/moDonate $120
disaster relief humanity first how to help 2

Donate $10 a month or $120

Clean-Up Efforts: Help local DR teams clean up debris and destruction from homes and neighborhoods.

Donate $10/moDonate $120
disaster relief humanity first how to help 3

Donate $35 a month or $420

DR Urgent Needs: Support efforts to assess ongoing crisis and dispatch medical care, shelter, and supplies as each situation unfolds.

Donate $35/moDonate $420
disaster relief humanity first how to help 3

Fundraise $420

DR Urgent Needs: Support efforts to assess ongoing crisis and dispatch medical care, shelter, and supplies as each situation unfolds.

Fundraise $420
Untitled design 2024 01 30T155441.422

Fundraise $1,000

Fundraise for the current disaster appeal: Palestine

Fundraise $1000
Outdoors under some scaffolding people are standing and sitting around a table covered in a sheet and various medical supplies and medicines. In the lower right corner a child sits on a chair facing the background while a man in medical scrubs and latex gloves examines his face.

Fundraise $2,500

 Fundraise for medical DR Response

Fundraise $2500

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