Situation Update

27,508 dead and 1.9 million displaced (85%)

Since October of 2023, 

27,508 Palestinians have died and over 67,000 have been injured under the constant attack on Gaza by Israel The UN has declared that one out of every four individuals in Palestine is experiencing conditions resembling a state of “famine-like” hardship. 


Partner with Anera

Through your generous donations to the Humanity First Palestine relief appeal, HFUSA is partnering with the nonprofit organization Anera to provide immediate medical relief in Palestine.  

HFUSA is supporting Anera to operate rotating free health clinics in 10 UN shelters in Khan Younis, Palestine. This is an area of the Gaza Strip hosting many internally displaced people. The 46 clinic days will treat nearly 13,000 adults and children for critical and chronic conditions, including pregnant and lactating women.

Anera coordinates with the UN health cluster and the United Nations Relief and Works Agency to integrate health clinics into ongoing response efforts. The clinics hire local, vetted professionals who provide urgent, culturally sensitive, and trauma-informed medical care. 

Anera is non-political, non-religious, and is one of the largest American nonprofits working solely in the Middle East for more than 55 years.

Partner with HF UK

Humanity First USA and Humanity First UK are partnering to provide emergency supplies to people in Palestine. Essential food staples of rice, flour, tuna, beans, lentils, and water are critically needed. Warm jackets and blankets will protect against the ongoing cold weather and lack of sufficient shelter that many people are facing at the start of winter. Humanity First is coordinating with local authorities and international organizations to ensure an effective response.

Two Humanity First volunteers with blue vests stand in a space in front of two-story building with open air hallways and railings. In the space are makeshift tents and people standing or walking through.


Humanity First has positively impacted countless lives, and the inspiring stories of those who have been helped continue to spread hope and compassion.


A young boy and his mom smile brightly as the boy sits at a desk in the hospital next to a large oxygen tank and his mom crouches next to him for the picture.
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A woman in a white coat and headscarf hands a bottle to a man with a patch on his face. She stands behind a table with boxes and bottles of medicine on top under a makeshift tent structure.
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With Humanity First USA’s financial support, our partner Anera successfully conducted two free medical days…
DR Gaza HFI visit January 2023 group of kids
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