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Haiti remains the poorest country in the Latin American and Caribbean region. Over 96% of the population is vulnerable to the hurricanes, earthquakes and floods that frequently afflict the island nation.

Haiti’s people persevere, and Humanity First USA supports them:

When a 7.0 magnitude earthquake affected millions of people in January 2010, Humanity First was one of the first disaster relief organizations to help. Our team of 75 international and 20 Haitian volunteers helped treat over 23,000 patients at our Port-au-Prince medical clinic. Our water filtration systems and family survival kits gave tens of thousands of people a source of water, shelter and basic personal care supplies.

Humanity First stayed on to respond to subsequent natural disasters, operate medical camps, and support primary education. We have cooperated with other disaster relief and charity organizations, including Doctors Without Borders, the Haitian Christian Outreach and Where the Stars Still Shine.

In the background, wooden poles hold up the four corners of many sheets of cloth. In the foreground, people in army fatigues and others wearing blue Humanity First vests over civilian cloths list pallets of plastic water bottles.

The Humanity First Bon Samaritan Primary School enrolls about 230 children in grades K-6 each year in the remote Seguin Plateau. Historically, only half the region’s children have completed 6th grade. We opened the school in 2012 and have graduated nine classes of 6th grade students! Humanity First USA jointly managed the school with local organization Haitian Bon Samaritan Foundation for a decade. Now the local foundation and fully local staff of teachers, school nurse, and support personnel have taken ownership of the school to keep students in this region learning.

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