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Despite recent economic growth overall, some areas of Indonesia experience challenges like low rainfall and water insecurity that impact access to nutritious food. One consequence is a rate of stunting amongst children that is as high as 60% amongst low-income families in places like the NTT Province.

Humanity First USA is working in remote areas of Indonesia so that people can meet their basic needs:

Humanity First USA is supporting the Humanity First Indonesia team to drill for clean water in remote villages where water access is scarce, inconsistent, or prohibitively expensive. Over 3,300 people in areas such as NTT, Aceh, Nias, Gunungkidul, Bogor, and Palu now have regular clean water for cooking, bathing, and nurturing gardens and livestock.


Since 2014, the Asih Sasama Medical Clinic has been a healthcare destination for people in surrounding remote areas. We are serving 6,000+ patients with in-patient services, chronic condition management, and community programs.

When earthquakes and tsunamis struck the island of Sulawesi, Indonesia in 2008 and again in 2018, Humanity First USA, Humanity First Indonesia, and international partners immediately responded with medical help and supplies. In 2018, despite limited resources on the island, our team set up a kitchen to serve hundreds of hot meals daily. A joint local-international response team provided medical relief in collaboration with Indonesia’s National Board for Disaster Management (BNPB). We returned to Maluku, Indonesia in 2019 with relief supplies in the wake of an earthquake and tsunami, and again in 2020 with PPE and food supplies at the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic.


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