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Despite great prosperity within the country, over 40% of people live in poverty. We believe American development and disaster relief organizations have a unique role and responsibility to help underserved communities in Mexico.  

Here’s how Humanity First USA is helping.

While HFUSA supports renovations and upgrades for locally operated community schools with the help of local and international volunteers. Last year, we worked with a local team and volunteers from the Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association (MKA) to refurbish three community schools in Mexico. This Classroom Transformation Project improved safe spaces for learning to serve 612 students.


In 2017 earthquakes struck Chiapas and near the densely populated capital, Mexico City. Hundreds of people lost their lives and thousands were injured. American, Mexican, and Guatemalan Humanity First volunteers distributed emergency supplies to anyone who needed them. Working with local disaster relief organizations and charities, we provided food, water, and hygiene supplies in Mexico City and in La Nopalera in Morelos State. We built a shelter for hundreds of displaced residents to access clean water, shower facilities and a kitchen.

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