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Bringing clean drinking water to every person in need.


Safe and clean drinking water is a fundamental human right. Yet over 1 in 10 people worldwide do not have access to clean water.

Humanity First provides clean drinking water solutions to communities that need it the most.

We install new hand pumps and also refurbish nearly a hundred hand pumps a year. We digs boreholes and water wells, and provides solar-powered equipment and overhead reservoirs to store water so it can be used in schools, healthcare facilities, and villages.


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Sustainable Solutions


Humanity First installs water systems to source clean drinking water and eliminate the back-breaking labor of bringing back water over long distances. Our low-cost solutions include rehabilitating clogged boreholes and refurbishing hand pumps.


In places where there is no existing access to groundwater, we invest in digging new boreholes and installing hand pumps. We work with the community and trained professionals to place the borehole where people can conveniently draw clean water for years to come.

Solar project

Humanity First installs solar-powered equipment and high-capacity overhead reservoirs to store water, which provides a system of running water to schools, healthcare facilities, and villages. Water is collected in these reservoirs and is then distributed through pipes and taps installed throughout the building or village.

Where We Work

How to Help

Providing clean drinking water solutions to communities that need it most.

Make a one-time donation to support families or if it is easier a monthly recurring donation to provide cleaning drinking water.

Peer-to-peer fundraising is the best way to create awareness of the work we do, click the fundraise tab and start a fundraiser to support clean drinking water in underserved communities.


Donate $10 a month or $120

Water source: Clean drinking water

Donate $10/moDonate $120

Donate $50 a month or $600

Water during disaster: Clean bottled water for disaster relief victims.

Donate $50/moDonate $600

Donate $200 a month or $2400

Hand pump: For the refurbishment of a hand pump

Donate $200/moDonate $2400

Fundraise $2400

Handpump: For the refurbishment of a Handpump

Fundraise $2400

Fundraise $6000

Solar Project: Solar panels that provide energy to run water supply.

Fundraise $6000

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