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The words Qurbani Service with an image of a sheet, a cow, and a cow with dotted lines to show portions.

Qurbani Service

Deadline June 9th, 2024

HFUSA Qurbani Service

The beneficiaries served through your Qurbani/Sacrifice include families/children at HF schools, poor patients at our healthcare facilities, refugees and displaced populations, and other impoverished communities served through Humanity First projects.

Humanity First USA’s Qurbani Service is NOT a general donation campaign to support programs and operations. Every dollar raised for Qurbani Service is sent to beneficiary countries on your behalf without deducting any administrative or program overheads. Humanity First USA is only facilitating our esteemed donors to fulfill a religious responsibility and making sure that your sacrifice reaches the most deserving.

Thank you for your donations towards the Qurbani Service provided by Humanity First USA.

1 Cow – $600

1/7th Share in a Cow – $85

1 Goat/Lamb – $155

If you would like to participate in more than one sacrifice of the same animal, or take part in multiple options, please calculate the total amount and add to the “OTHER” option. In the “LEAVE A COMMENT” section you can let us know how to distribute the amount. For example, $310 for 2 Goat/Lamb, or $755 for 1 Cow and 1 Goat/Lamb.

Deadline June 9th, 2024

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