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Here’s how Humanity First USA is helping.

Hunger is real in America. To beat the hunger Humanity First USA teams and volunteers distribute food to families in local communities in 8 states. We find what works for the local context – delivery of warm meals, contactless pick up of non-perishables, or a pantry location with food and other supplies. The dedicated Humanity First Duluth Food Pantry opened in 2023 after nearly three years of serving food in shared spaces, now serving 100 families each month with weekly food boxes.

Manassas, VA
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Knowledge for Life - The Education Project

The Education Project (TEP) connects K-12 students with 1:1 tutoring. Students from the Humanity First Student Division launched TEP in response to school closures and lost learning during the COVID-19 pandemic. We work with teachers and school leaders to prioritize students with financial need and to connect our tutoring more closely with their school lessons. Students can get direct help from college students and other professionals for any subject taught in grades K-12, and access support resources for SAT prep and college applications.

The Humanity First USA Disaster Relief volunteer team has responded to disasters in all parts of the United States from New York to Texas to Guam. We are medical professionals, logistics specialists, and people who simply volunteer to hand out water and clear debris. We partner with community organizations, youth groups, and faith-based volunteers to help people take care of themselves in times of disaster. After Hurricane Ian caused flooding and destruction in Florida in 2022, many households were struggling to clear out damaged homes. Humanity First USA and partner groups led recovery cleanup of 10 homes, saving the homeowners tens of thousands of dollars in contractor services.


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