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The final HFUSA Gift of Health mission of 2023 gave 1,183 patients in Guatemala screenings, treatment, and peace of mind this holiday season.

Sixteen students led by the University of Michigan Humanity First Student Organization traveled to Guatemala with Dr. Lughmani of HFUSA. Together with local physicians, pediatricians, and dentists, they led a rotating clinic to three cities to serve patients in need.

A mother with her baby speaks with two students doing a medical intake form
Three people stand behind a glass counter and talk with two people who have come to the counter. Bottles of medication visible through the glass and shelves with boxes of supplies are behind the people.
A patient lies on a table for a dental exam done by a physician and attendant holding instruments
Mother sits with a baby on her lap and the baby outstretches his hand to hold the hand of doctor

The clinics provided patients with screenings, consultations, dental care, free medications, and free hygiene kits. The team added blood glucose checks given the growing concern for diabetes in the country. The local mayor and city officials came to say thank you and distribute certificates in appreciation of the help for their communities.

An elderly woman in traditional Guatemalan clothing gets her blood pressure taken by a female in blue Humanity First scrubs
A group sits at a table with suture kits in front of them listening to a doctor

The team also spent a day at HFUSA’s Nasir Hospital to learn more about healthcare in Guatemala and practice incision sutures under the guidance of Dr Carlos Tercero, a surgeon at Nasir Hospital.

A photo of a group of people most of who are wearing matching matching blue scrubs and all are holding certificates