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María Elena’s son Marco told the Nasir Hospital team, “I have no words to express how grateful I am… the service and attention were the best in every sense.”

Men and women wearing medical scrubs stand around a hospital bed where an elderly woman is laying under a blanket. The background is computer generated blue with the logo of HF Healthcare Services at the topMrs. María Elena was 70 years old when she visited Nasir Hospital for the first time in October 2019. She had lived with a hernia for several years, but was unable to get surgery at the national hospital when the pain drove her to seek help.

María Elena, a widow, lives alone in Zone 12 of Guatemala City, an area known for being dangerous for visitors and residents alike. Her apartment has one bedroom and a hallway that she uses for a kitchen. Three of María Elena’s children work informally without a reliable salary, but her son Marco supports her basic needs from his salary as an administrator for a local firm.

An older woman sits in a wheelchair and wears a sling on her right arm.The Nasir Hospital team performed surgery to finally correct her painful hernia, made possible at no cost through the Care Fund. The surgery allowed María Elena to move around with confidence and freedom, knowing that an emergency would not arise again. She particularly enjoys attending church and devoting herself to prayer.

While María Elena recovered successfully from her hernia, she returned this month to Nasir Hospital for another surgery – this one on her wrist which she fractured in a fall. Marco, in the rush to care for his mother’s emergency, also fell and suffered minor injuries. Their positive experience from previous years made them turn to us first for help. Once again, the family’s economic situation was no obstacle for them to seek high-quality health care from Nasir Hospital.

María Elena is in recovery under the care of Nasir Hospital staff because of support from the generous HFUSA community. Thank you!