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Kindness and generosity are very much alive

When I was reminded a second time by my cousin to start my fundraiser page, I reluctantly obliged and set it up with a $400 goal, musing that if I make it to $200 I’ll put the other half in my self.

Setting up my page, I was filled with an overwhelming responsibility to give it my all, knowing full well the kind of effort HF volunteers commit to. This weighed on me as I took this task on.

I sent donation links with a personal message and to my delight people were enthusiastic and responsive. This was the initial push that I needed and with time my campaign propelled into something much larger than I believed was possible.

I’ve also learnt an important lesson through this endeavor which is that we all have the potential to go beyond our beliefs and capabilities. This experience has also cemented my belief that kindness and generosity are very much alive and knowing this is a source of hope and comfort, especially during these uncertain times.

I wanted to thank a few people, first of all, my cousin Shaima Baji for motivating me, my family who were as persistent in fundraising for me as I was myself and everyone else involved in the campaign for setting up a benchmark for future fundraisers. May Allah accept everyone’s contributions and may this effort reach those in most need.