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When I was asked to write a blog about my experience fundraising for Humanity First, I was truly at a loss of words. Although typically, I am eager to take on new challenges, I have never raised for Humanity First before, therefore, I was not expecting much. Truly, I began my fundraisers because of multiple reminders and challenges from others. I thought to myself that whatever I will raise will go to a great cause even if it will not be much. When I began my fundraiser, my goal was for $400 and I had assumed that I would at maximum reach half of my goal!

However, everything changed when I began to publicize the fundraiser. I was amazed by the yearning in people’s hearts to help humanity. Therefore, I decided to raise my goal. Despite the goodness in people’s hearts, my biggest motivator, if I am being honest, was my cousin, Zafra Sabahat Ahmed. She motivated me through friendly competition and a few times she even passed my goal! Over the past month, this fundraiser became my hobby as well as my family and friends. My family members and close friends worked as hard as me to continue to spread awareness of 20for20.

Above it all, none of this would be possible without the generous spirit of sacrificing for humanity. Each donation given no matter how small, amazed me as I had expected to never surpass my first goal of $400. Through this experience, I have learned that friendly competition is a great motivator but most of all, people are so giving, especially when it is for a good cause like Humanity First. May God bless the efforts of the Humanity First team and all the donors. Ameen

Sumaira Ahmad