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Hurricane Katrina

In late August 2005, the city of New Orleans, Louisiana was hit by deadly Hurricane Katrina, a category 5 storm that flooded the city, and displaced over a million people. Destruction and loss of life extended along the Gulf Coast of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and parts of Florida.

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Our Impact

In the aftermath, Humanity First USA dispatched a group of 18 volunteer doctors and over 50 non-medical personnel to New Orleans. Working with the American Red Cross, this team provided medical care to over 1,000 people living in shelters.

Humanity First also delivered eight truckloads of essential supplies to these same shelters and also provided winter coats to students. In addition to offering medical care and emergency supplies, Humanity First stepped in to provide other services; volunteers offered transportation assistance and also established a wireless network and provided computer hardware to students in the Baker City school system in Louisiana.

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